Bufffiber is a supplier of professional grade microfiber and detailing products.
Our mission is to provide the highest quality, for an honest price with an emphasis on product satisfaction.


All our microfiber product are manufactured in South Korea according to the highest quality standards. Unlike the Chinese mass produced microfiber towels, we conduct rigorous quality control for all our products in order to guarantee an optimal quality. All our detailing products are packaged in dust-free, resealable packaging. Bufffiber operates according to a no-nonsense vision, we are always working to further develop and innovate our products.


Bufffiber offers exclusive and high quality microfiber and detailing products. It’s not our goal to be the cheapest supplier, but to offer a good balance between price and quality for our microfiber products. We are not able, nor would we want to compete with the mass produced microfiber items that are often of considerably lesser quality. We rather develop products with a long lifespan that will exceed the value of the initial costs, this way we can produce microfiber towels that remain in much better shape after rigorous use. For some of our products we offer triple-packs for an optimal balance in price and quality.


Car detailing is a specialized craft that can lead to passionate discussions. In our experience car detailers (both professional as enthusiastic hobbyists) often have a outspoken opinion regarding auto detailing products. We ask users of our products about their experiences on a continued basis. This allows us to further improve our product range and develop new products that cater to the high demands of all car detailing professionals and hobbyists alike.