The rims of the tires are often the most polluted parts of a car, they have to endure a lot while driving. In order to avoid scratching the car paint, it makes sense to use a separate glove for cleaning the rims, in addition to a glove or cloth for the body of the car. This Wheel Mitt is specifically designed to clean rims easily and intensively. The unique fiber structure ensures deep cleaning without scratching the material. In addition, the design of the Wheel Mitt has been specifically developed for rims. For instance, there is a unique recess for the thumb, which makes it easier to clean spokes on rims and to get to hard to reach places for example.

This glove is primarily designed for use on rims, the fiber structure is of course also safe for the body of the car. That is why this glove is often used to clean hard to reach parts of the entire exterior. In that case we recommend using a different Wheel Mitt for the rims and body. Absorbed dirt such as sand or gravel can cause scratches, so rinse the glove regularly while cleaning for optimal results. As always, this product is made of high-quality Korean microfiber with deep cleansing properties, and still gentle for any surface. These gloves can be easily washed and reused many times over. With the same, shiny results every time.

Washing instructions
Size: 20 x 25 cm
Material: 100% Polyester